TWTWTW #15 | It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Don’t worry it isn’t in fact the end of the world as we know it, but I do hope you’re feeling fine.

This headline was written before UK prime minister Boris Johnson announced the second lockdown. It doesn’t in fact relate to the lockdown at all, but is to inform you this is the last TWTWTW email you’ll get from Substack.

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That Was The Week That Was - #15 🍝 Is The Godfather a PR manual? 🤡 Clown announces deaths 💻 BBC social media guidance 📰 Woolworths fake news


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Meanwhile enjoy a couple of tunes on me to cheer you up on this Monday morning.

Fun fact: One of my modules when I did Communication Studies was video production and my student team made a promo video for Whole New World by It Bites. I only have a VHS copy so need to transfer it to digital. The version in the video above is a live performance by Francis Dunnery, the former lead singer and guitarist of It Bites, performing in the tiny Egremont Market Hall… his home town and where I went to school a couple of years after the band.